No other aspect of cricket and team dynamics holds more sway over captain-mentor relationships than Najam Sethi’s relationship with Babar Azam of Pakistan’s cricket team as pivotal than this relationship between captain and mentor. Recent developments regarding Babar Azam’s captaincy have raised many concerns with Najam Sethi being accused of placing excessive pressure on him as captain – an accusation which this article explores further by probing its intricacies to see whether these actions indeed hinder team performance and impact leadership effectiveness of Babar Azam himself.

Understanding Roles at Play in Your Organization

Najam Sethi’s Influence

Najam Sethi, an experienced cricket administrator and former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has long been one of the key figures in the Pakistani cricketing landscape. His insight and expertise should be used wisely when selecting captains of team cricket teams Live Cricket pakistan.

Babar Azam’s Leadership

Babar Azam, Pakistan’s esteemed batsman and Captain of their cricket team, bears responsibility not only to lead on the field but also to manage the morale, cohesion, and performance of his squad – something no other cricket captain in recent history could manage effectively. His role is indispensable in furthering Pakistani cricketing achievements.

Najam Sethi stands accused of micromanaging and interfering in all aspects of his team’s affairs – from team selection decisions, match strategies, and player choice across different formats to micromanagement of finances and interference in operations. These allegations include micromanaging team selection decisions as well as interfering in its affairs in terms of micromanagement/interference issues.

Impact on Babar Azam

External influences exerting undue pressure on Babar Azam can hurt his leadership abilities and decision-making skills, undermining confidence, and impeding effective team leadership. This pressure could influence decision-making capabilities as well as impair confidence which would hamper teamwork effectively.

Consequences Team Disruption

Any interference from external sources can disrupt team dynamics. Players might feel uncertain about who they should listen to – their captain or external advisors; this results in poor team performance.

Undermining the Captain

A captain’s strength lies in their management’s trust in them as well as that of his team members; if Babar Azam were constantly undercut by external influences it could diminish trust within his squad, which ultimately weakens them over time.

Establish Clear Boundaries

Clear boundaries must be drawn between the role of captain and external advisors; although guidance should play an integral part, it should never interfere with an independent leader who leads their team without interference from outside sources.

Empower Babar Azam

As part of Pakistan’s cricket team success, Babar Azam must be empowered as captain. He should have the authority to make decisions related to team matters while being open to constructive feedback and suggestions from teammates and supporters alike.


Cricket’s leadership structure requires a careful balancing act. Any involvement by Najam Sethi should not compromise Babar Azam’s authority or team performance; harmony in an atmosphere conducive to his leadership must remain paramount for effective results.


Q1.What Is The Role Of Najam Sethi In The Cricketing World And How Can We Contact Him

 Its  Wheth Sethi Is An Accomplished Cricket Administrator And Former President of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). He previously led its operations before his tenure in the Pakistan Cricket Board’s operation of Pakistan Cricket.

Q2: What are the duties and responsibilities of a cricket team captain?

A cricket team captain’s primary responsibilities involve leading his or her squad on and off the field, making strategic decisions, and overseeing team dynamics.

Q3: Can external influences hurt a cricket team’s performance?

External factors may undermine team dynamics and confusion as well as challenge the captain’s authority, potentially detracting from performance and hindering competitive edge.

Q4: What role should mentors play in cricket teams?

Mentors should offer guidance and assistance without interfering in the decision making processes of players or captains.

Q5: How Can Pakistan’s Cricket Team Succeed?

Pakistan’s cricket team can thrive by providing more power to its captain, setting clear boundaries, and creating an inclusive culture.