Not many know about how blackjack was invented and there have been many rumours and suppositions about this game but here you will be able to read about all of them.

It is believed by many that it started in France and was called vingt-et-un which means 20 and 1 in French. Like most of the casino games we play today, the true origins may never be known.

The objective in Blackjack is to get a hand that totals or is as close to 21 as possible without going over 21. The dealer gives each player 2 cards. Then each player gets a turn to request more cards one at a time till the layer thinks that is the best hand they can get without going over 21.

The English name Blackjack was given to the game because in the French version of the game. If a player drew a jack of spades and an Ace of spades the player got an extra bonus. To get this bonus the jack of spades needed to be drawn first and the name blackjack was born from players screaming their desire for the Black Jack.

In the 1880s Blackjack made its appearance in America, and it grew very fast in popularity. It was not long before players realized the ease in which the odds of blackjack could be manipulated and that rules needed to be put in place to regulate these games. Instead of that all gambling was made illegal in 1910 and all gambling went underground. This is how the core of today’s gangsters was formed.

Eventually because of the lawlessness and gangster activities the government decided it was smarter to legalize it and tightly control gambling.

At this point blackjack became by far the most popular gambling game of any casino. Many books were written by mathematicians on the subject of how to improve your odds at blackjack.

It got to the point where the casinos had to change the way the game was played because too many people thought they knew how to manipulate the odds into their favor and the casinos did not want that, but the real fact was that the mathematicians who came up with these techniques for beating the odds wrote them in a manner that only they and other math nerds could understand and most people who thought they understood the theories continued to lose money at the blackjack tables, and helped to build the world of legalized casino gambling what it is today.

The casinos came up with the idea of adding a second and third deck to the game to make card counting harder and totally change the odds back into their favor and lose the holes in the game that allowed them to change the odds in the first place.

Today people can play Blackjack in a legal casino or in one of the many online casinos that have popped into existence in recent years. Because people are still trying to find the method of winning blackjack easily, people are still writing books on how to win at blackjack, but unlike the mathematicians that were writing these books in the 50s and 60s today’s books are being written by some people who just claim to have a system. Unfortunately today that is all you need to sell a book. Many people are paying tons of money for a blackjack system that is a book that tells you nothing and maybe a video showing you how to play blackjack. If you are looking to get rich and make enough to retire from Blackjack, do not opt for this game. Chances are the system you have is garbage and will lose you all your money.